Competitor Coupons At Pathmark

A few of my readers have told me that their Pathmark or A&P does not accept competitor coupons.
When I received the first email I thought maybe it was just their store. But then I received several emails telling me that their stores also did not take them. So I decided to contact corporate offices. Here is their response:

RE: Coupon Policy – Competitors

Dear Ms. Livesey,

Thank you for your recent correspondence. Competitor’s coupons are accepted from Supermarkets in the particular store’s immediate trading area. We do not accept competitor’s coupons from discount,wholesale,drugstores,dept stores,etc. Please also note that the acceptance of any coupon presented is always at the discretion of the store management. If you have a question about the use of a particular coupon please see the store manager.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us and for allowing us the opportunity to address your concerns.


Terry M.

Consumer Service Representative

The only thing I can figure on this is that possibly the use of the $5 off $15 meat coupon from Stop and Shop is the reason you guys were having a problem. There may not be a Stop and Shop within the “store’s immediate trading area”. It’s either that or you all have very cranky store managers 🙂 If you feel that your coupon is from a grocery store that is within the immediate trading area of your store, then bring in a copy of my email and show your store manager.

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    Yes, that is the official A&P policy. I've only had one problem since its inception, involving another store's house brand, for which the America's Choice brand is an acceptable substitute.

  • lazonya

    Actually, I stopped and talked to the manager at my Pathmark. He said that corporate decides which stores will accept competitor's coupons. He said customers in my area do not respond to coupons, so they run other kinds of specials instead. Overall, it may be better for me, because I use the other deals, PLUS coupons to get VERY good deals. There is a stop and shop about a mile from the Pathmark, so I would think that is a competitor in the immediate area. I just went to S&S to buy my meat. 🙂 Thanks for your hard work.

  • lazonya

    oh, and my pathmark circular does not have the text you have included above.

  • Cindy Livesey

    Well I am glad that it works out for you and you still get good deals. I wanted to check with corporate because you were not the only one that said that. It's interesting how every place is so different. But as long as you are getting good deals then it's all good!