My Protein Packed Super Saving Shopping Trip

So Saturday I spent the day at the A&P triples and Aldi where I spent $46.96. On Sunday, I visited Pathmark, several times, and loaded up on protein. There I spent $28.23 which put right at my budget. It was more then I had planned on spending but the meats and fish were such a great price and I had that Stop & Shop meat coupon that expires on Thursday. Finding out that I could use it before the sale price of the meat was awesome and helped me to get everything you see. I wound up with the following meats & fish:

3.34 lbs of 80% Ground Beef
6 Jenni-O Turkey Burgers (used the $5.00 coupon from Biggest Loser)
5.22 lbs of boneless pork loin
5.35 lbs of sausage
2.8 lbs of Tilapia (this was only $3.99 for fresh)

I also picked up 2 yams, 2 lemons, sunflower seed and black bean.

Here is everything cut up, divided and ready for the freezer. There are about 11 meals there (including the turkey burgers) for my family. Take out $8 for the other odds and ends I bought and thats $20 worth of protein foods averaging $1.82 per meal. I’d say that was a pretty good deal. Add that to the 8 packages of chicken already in my freezer and I’m good until the next great sale or coupon.

UPDATE: Stop & Shop coupon has been taken down. Hope you printed one already

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  • Anonymous

    did they let you use the jennio burgers towards the 5 off $15? how did you find out that you could use the 5 off 15 on before sale price?

    -Jen from philly

  • Cindy Livesey

    Originally I was going to use the Jennio towards the purchase but I found so many other great meat prices and I was only paying $1.99 for it (with the $5 coupon i had) that I decided not to do it but I probably could have.

    I found out that I could use the $5 off $15 before sale price by just asking at the courtesy counter. I realized that most of their "bucks back" sales are done before sale price (shelf price) so I thought maybe this would be the case too. And it was!!

  • Cindy Livesey

    Remember as with everything. YMMV…which is your manager may vary. Some store managers have different rules (unfortunately) so always check with your store first.