My Super Savings Shopping Trip

I started off this weekend shopping trip all excited about the great deal I thought I could get at ShopRite. Yogurt that would make me money. Well, of course, it was too good to be true. Having planned out my trips around that deal, I had to regroup and start over. All in all it still was a good shopping trip as I still stayed under $75/week budget.

My first stop was to the old reliable Aldi. If you haven’t been to Aldi you really need to find one by you and stop in. It is truly worth it. The prices are just so great. I always go there when I need a lot of produce and staple items. The milk was $1.99/gallon, blueberries were $1.29 and the watermelon was $2.49. There I spent $48.75 and I got a ton of stuff.
Note: You don’t see the watermelon because we had already cut it. If you look closely at the picture you can see it on the counter already cut up.

Next stop, Shoprite were I made multiple trips. After my disappointment from the yogurt, I was still able to take advantage of the Pompeian moneymaker & the Blue Bunny moneymaker. I kept rolling my checkout coupons to pay for my next shopping trip. The chicken was from the $1.69/lb raincheck that I forgot I had so that was a great price as well.
I paid $12.89 OOP for everything you see in this picture and I still had a $3 checkout coupon left.

Once I got home we pulled out the eggs and bacon to make a nice Sunday breakfast. Because of the lack of communication in this household regarding the food that is left, we had to run out and get more eggs in the middle of cooking breakfast. You see, nobody told me that they took the last of the eggs out of the 2nd refrigerator and the 4 that were left in the carton was all that we had. This is what happens when you have teenagers that prepare their own breakfast when you are at work. And I had only been to ShopRite like 5 times this morning. Ugh! Sorry, had to vent a little. I feel much better now…thanks!
Anyway, this quick trip cost $3.46 OOP using the $3.00 checkout coupon and recieving another $3.00 from the Blue Bunny.

Then I ran to Costco to pick up yeast which cost $3.79 which is a great price for such a large chunk of yeast. Why am I buying so much yeast? Well I thought you would never ask. It’s for my new love of making homemade pizzas. I am now going to attempt my own pizza dough instead of buying it premade. We will see how it goes. I will keep you posted on my progress.

To sum up my shopping trip I spent a total of $68.89 + $3.79 at CVS where I picked up my newspapers and the back to school supplies on sale. At $72.68 I am still under budget.

Now my challenge. On Friday, my daughter Megan will be coming home for 10 days and with her will be her college football player boyfriend who requires as much food as my son (maybe even more). So I have to plan this out so my budget does not go bust. Figuring that I will need to buy more groceries, I have set aside some extra money that I have received from rebates. Some of these rebates happen to be from items that I purchased with grocery money so it kinda makes sense to put it towards groceries again. So my plan is to still spend my $75 but use the rebates as the “over the budget” items that I will need to buy.
So my question is, do I still count the $75 as my spending for the week or do I also have to count the rebate money as money I spent on groceries. What are your thoughts?

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