My Super Savings Shopping Trip – Part 2 & 3

So I had a challenge this week. Could I have family over for my son’s birthday and still stay under budget?
I was a little nervous as I wanted to serve good food and yet not spend too much money. I have always had a habit of buying way to much food and a lot goes to waste. So, I scanned my pantry and freezer and made a mental note of the things I already had as I decided on my menu.

I have to tell you that it was a success. I stayed exactly at my budget, the food was great and I even had leftovers (more on this later) . Not all the food I bought was for the party. I still needed to get items for us to have during the week.
Here is what I bought:

The first trip was to Pathmark where I spent $25.40 for a 60% savings. I took advantage of the great sale items like the Arm & Hammer, water (needed for the party), ice cream, electrasol (don’t go out and buy these just yet…better sale is coming soon…stay tuned). As you can see I have 3 packages of Nestea. If you remember my match ups I was a bit skeptical about the sale that was advertised. Well I was right…it was too good to be true. However, I was able to get it for that price. I was at Pathmark at 7:00 am on Friday and they didn’t even have a chance to find out that it was advertised incorrectly so they had to honor it. I have been back since and there are now signs correcting the misprint. So in this case..the early bird gets the worm. Hehe!

Then I was on to ShopRite. There I spent $46.16. I picked up the Hefty bags they had/have on sale for .19¢ with coupon, the Total Cereal for .38¢ with coupon, pizza dough, deli turkey & cheese. The rest was for the party. Even though I didn’t have coupons for everything, I made sure that what I was buying was a least on sale..including the Friendly’s Ice Cream Cake which was on price plus for $2.00 off.

All together I spent $74.56 which includes my son running out (see there are advantages for him getting his driver’s license) and getting 2 can of baked bean…with a coupon of course!

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  • Lisette

    you did awesome! i am always jealous of other couponers because they have better sales at their stores. Me, I am still saving only about 50% on groceries, as much as i may try to save more. And I will use a coupon on almost everything. We don't have a ShopRite, Krogers, Meijers or any of the other great stores I keep hearing about. We also get worse coupons. 🙁 but 50% is still good and I just keep on keepin on.

  • Cindy Livesey

    50% is still great. Do you have an Aldi? That is a great store and saves a lot of money. And they don't take coupons.