Super Savings Shopping Trip – Spent $47.76

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My Super Savings Shopping Trip this weekend cost $47.76
I am way under budget for the week which I am so happy about.
My trips consisted of a few trips to ShopRite (you will see why below), a trip to Pathmark, a trip to Costco & an awesome trip to Target. Here is what I got.
This trip to ShopRite and Pathmark cost $16.70.
I was able to snag 40 packets of Grill Mates for free (well actually $2.00). I don’t usually do this but I purchased 20 – $.50/1 coupons from ebay. We (NJ residents) did not receive the Grill Mates coupons in our inserts but I knew it was out there. When I saw the sale at ShopRite for $.49 with your price plus card I knew I had to get some coupons. I ordered 20. What I didn’t know was that ShopRite still doubled them so I was able to get 2 FREE Grill Mates with 1 coupons. That is how I got 40 and it was well worth the $2.00 I paid for the coupons. I had to make multiple trips as my ShopRite only lets me use 4 coupons at a time. If you have never tried Grill Mates, they are very good. We especially like the Mesquite when we cook steak.

All the Smart Waters were part of the Pathmark Big Save deal this week.

Then I was off to Costco but I, unfortunately, forgot to take a picture. There was nothing much to see except milk ($1.99 gal), 3 doz eggs ($2.45), 2.75 lbs blueberries ($5.99), Strawberries ($5.99), Butter Lettuce ($2.99), 30 ct Fiber One bars ($9.49). Total spent $28.90.

Since I have been seriously couponing I don’t usually shop at Costco except for milk and eggs. I brought along the grocery store prices for the blueberries and strawberries to see how they compared and Costco was cheaper. I noticed the watermelon was over $5 and they have been on sale for much lower at the grocery stores so don’t always think you can get a better price at Costco. The Fiber One bars I usually wouldn’t have bought but one of my kids husband was with me and he wanted them. Since I was under budget I figured I’d get them to make him happy. What a good wife 🙂
Then I went to Target. That is were I got an awesome deal.
I was able to pick up 2 boxes Kashi cereal and 2 boxes of Kashi bars for only $0.16.
More on that great deal so stayed tuned.

So my total for the weekend was $47.76.
$27.24 under my $75 weekly budget.