UPDATE: ShopRite Dollar Days Rewards – Yoplait Yogurt

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Well yet another week of advertised deals that are not good. Last week it was the Nestea at Pathmark. And this week it is the Yoplait Yogurt at ShopRite.
I got there this morning and there were no signs saying that the deal was a misprint. I purchased my 15 yoplait and guess what, no checkout coupon. So of course I made my way over to courtesy where she dug into an envelope and pulled out the sign that was suppose to be placed on the yogurts. What did that sign say…that there was a misprint. They, however, unlike Pathmark, would not honor it. So I returned the yogurt came home, posted this, and now I have to refigure my deals for today. Grrr!

Theyobviously knew it was a misprint before this morning, so I wonder why they couldn’t at least change their website to reflect the correction or make sure they get that sign up before their first customer walks through the door. Makes you wonder who is in charge over at corporate.