What’s For Dinner?

This will be my 3rd week of a flexible menu plan and I love it this way. Having a list of meals I know I have available to choose from really helps. It keeps me flexible but focused at the same time.. So here is our plan for this week.

Remember that everything we are preparing for the week may not necessarily be something that I bought this week. I have quick a stockpile in my pantry and freezers that I can choose from.

Here is our flexible dinner menu:

  • Leftover Steak and Macaroni Salad. Will make Steak & Onion Sandwiches with the leftovers.
  • Grilled Chicken, Pasta Dish, Veggies
  • Raviolis
  • Breaded Chicken, Rice Pilaf, Veggies (this is my family’s all time favorite meals)
  • Homemade Pizza (I am loving these pizzas. I would like to start making the dough instead of buying it however I need a good recipe….anyone have one?)
  • Pancakes. Some blueberry, some plain. Gotta please everyone!
  • Some kind of egg recipe – I’m going to look for one during the week. Again if anyone has a good recipe to share.

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