A Surprise Visitor

So I’m putting up posts last night and ready to go to bed.
My usual routine is to let my dog out.
Now, he is getting older and he needs some persuasion to get out the door these days.
So I carried him out (he’s 15 give him a break) put him down on the ground,
stood up and….

I scooped up the dog mid-pee and ran in the house.
Scary sight to see, huh?!? YIKES!

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  • Shannon


    I thought of you last night! I was at my sisters house late and I was turning around in the driveaway — there were these eyes glaring at me! FOUR RACCOONS! I started laughing and my Mom said what is so funny, so I told her your story. They are scary in the dark. There eyes are weird!

  • Cindy Livesey

    I know. Kinda freaky right. I can't take my dog out anymore at night.