My Super Savings Shopping Trip

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This should actually be called the not so super savings shopping trip.
Now if you remember, my daughter and her boyfriend have come home and are spending a week here. Let’s just say that everyone is enjoying ALL the food and eating them up as things come in the door.

For instance, from the picture above, which I purchased on Friday from Aldi, here is what is already gone:
Milk, 1/2 of the watermelon, iced tea, chicken fries, angel food cake, apples, blueberries, sauce, 1/2 the cool whip, zucchini.
The cost of this trip was $56.84

Then I went to ShopRite and got this lovely assortment of snack food (tuna was a filler). We have already gone through the Tostitos, cherries, and 2 of the ice cream.
This cost of this trip: $7.66

Next to Pathmark. This trip was just to pick up the great sale on the Shady Brook turkey ($1.66/lb) and the Sorrento. Plus I needed 2 more yams for the sweet potato fries I made today. The only thing left from this trip are the 2 packages of turkey.
This trip was $16.04

And finally it was back to ShopRite & Pathmark today. I got some lunch meat & rolls, yogurt, pasta, bagged salads, etc. Already gone…blueberries & strawberries in a matter of hours.
This trip was $44.60

Plus a trip I made in the middle of the week to pick up flour, etc. for pizza dough.
That trip was $3.88.

So my total “not so super savings shopping trip” for the week was $129.02. Yes it is over my $75 weekly budget but I knew that would happen and I planned for it. I mean feeding 6 people for almost every meal for a week was just not going to work for $75. We are eating out of our stockpile however I still needed more food. If it wasn’t for my stockpile I would have spent a lot more.

Having extra people in the house for a week got me thinking about my budget. As I have mentioned recently, we are on a budget as we work on becoming debt free. I have been successful at keeping to my grocery budget but what happens when you have company or a party? How do you pay for those items since it’s very hard to keep to your normal budget? My husband and I talked about it and decided to budget just for that. We decided to put aside $50 each month that would be used for company or parties. If we don’t use the $50 during the month it would just roll over into the next month. Then, when we have house guests or company we don’t have to try to figure out how to pay for it. It’s already there.

This time I did not have a budget for it but I did have rebates that came in plus some gift cards I had received (thank Keith & Jodi!) . So, the $54.02 I spent over my $75 budget was covered.

Now, lets see how much longer the other food will last because as I am sitting here typing this I can hear them opening up the freezer….
ah, there goes the Blue Bunny ice cream.

Anyone want 4 grown kids to feed for a week?