My Super Savings Shopping Trip

I’m going to start out this Super Savings Shopping Trip by saying that what you see in these pictures would feed most families for well over a week. Well, as of today, everything but a couple of items are gone already and it’s only Sunday night.
So, I am either going to have to be very creative for the rest of the week or dig into my rebate money some more to cover the replacement of this food.

If you remember, my daughter and her boyfriend have been here for 10 days and I had my whole family over today for a BBQ. But the biggest (and I mean that literally) reason for the food being gone is “The Food Monster”. Yes that big guy in the white t-shirt has played football at PITT and at 6’4″ apparently needs quite a bit of food each day which is why he has been labeled “The Food Monster”. Either that or it’s that the food here is free and when he goes back to college, well ya know, no one is cooking him steaks & ribs.
The rest of the people in the picture..well, they belong to me. And the one on the left doesn’t do too bad in the food department either.
Here is a break down of what I purchased this weekend that is now all gone.

At Aldis I spent $64.78 and got a lot. Here are some of the prices at Aldis so you can get an idea of the savings there.
Seedless Watermelon $2.49
24 pk water $2.99
Potato Sandwich Rolls $1.29
Split Top Wheat Bread $1.19
Baby Carrots $.59
Blueberries $1.39
Strawberries $1.29
Skim Milk $1.99
Flour $1.69
Large Eggs $.99
Everything gone except 1 gallon of milk

Then I stopped at ShopRite where I actually got all this for only $3.53.
Yes I did…but wait, it’s a trick. Well sort of. I actually did a mystery shop for Market Force and as payment got $10 free groceries and $10 shop fee. So, the $23.53 I spent was really $3.53 for me. Out of this picture about 1/2 of everything is gone except the orange juice which is completely gone.

Then to Pathmark where I was going to take advantage of the great meat prices. I did get good meat prices but not on the advertised items.
When I went, there was meat that was on Manager’s Special because of the short expiration dates. Well I snatched them up quickly and used some of it today for our BBQ and froze the rest right away. My total here was $29.85. And by the way, all that’s left from this picture is 1 package of chicken.

So, all together I spent $98.16 which is over my $75.00/wk budget.
If you remember, I have been using rebate money to cover the difference for these past couple of weeks while the kids have been visiting. We did have to make some extra runs to the store for some little items so I used up about $30 into the rebate money this weekend.
Now lets see how the rest of the week goes. Can we last on 1 gallon of milk and 1 package of chicken and some yogurt?

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