My Super Savings Shopping Trip

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After a week of a full house of people and food that was just flying out the door, it was nice to get back to some real deals. For the last couple of weeks I have been doing quick shopping and thank goodness for Aldi. When you are pressed for time or are limited in your coupons, Aldi is a great place to shop. Great prices all the time.
This week I was able to concentrate on deals and boy did I find them. It was heaven.

My first stop was A&P were I took advantage of the Buy xx Get xx deals. You can go here and here to see some of them. I also took advantage of the General Mills deal as well and picked up a few fillers and/or items on sale. Total spent: $14.03. Total Saved: $56.40
Next stop Acme. I have not been to an Acme in a long time and I went because of the Krafts Food deal. If you remember I had found a rebate for Kraft purchase $20 get $20 back when I went to a store in PA. Well there is the same deal at Acme with a twist.

At Acme, when you purchase $25 worth of participating Kraft Foods you get a $5 catalina and then a rebate form prints out for you to submit to get $20 back. Nice deal and that is why I went to Acme. I have to tell you, it was a very nice store. The store was in Morris Plains, NJ. Great selection, well lit, clean, nice produce & meat dept. And they had coupons and lots of them at the customer service counter for you to take. And of course I did. I would definitely go back even though it’s 20 minutes away.

The total of this trip was $20.27 which includes the rebate I will get. Total saved: $99.32

Next onto Pathmark. I did another deal there with the buy xx get xx. You can see that deal here.

With all the deals I did this weekend I did not come home with any Catalinas. I kept rolling them into deals and then eventually using them to purchase great sale items. Like I did here at Pathmark with the Snapple and the 3 day sale items.

Total spent here $18.83. Total Saved: $60.99

And finally, ShopRite. I can always count on ShopRite to NOT have the items I’m going for in stock. And waiting 20 minutes at the customer service dept while they check to see if yes, in fact, they are out of the item. Am I complaining…maybe a little.

I do have to say that what you CAN count on with ShopRite is always having good prices. The one good thing about waiting at the customer service dept is that I found this awesome calendar with rebate forms in it that I will post about shortly.

Bottom line is that I spent $15.78 here. Total Saved $6.95

All together my total came to $68.91 with a total saved of $223.66. That would have made a total grocery bill of $292.57 without sales or coupons.
The balance of my $75 budget I probably spent on gas driving to all these places but it was well worth it. I got a lot of stuff as you can see.

Hope you had a great shopping trip too!