My Super Savings Shopping Trip

I am happy to report that we are back to somewhat of a normal shopping routine. After a summer of kids in and out, kid’s friends in and out and kids that decided they all wanted to save money and have eaten every meal at home, we are ready to build back our depleted stockpile. All I can say is I am glad that I had quite a stockpile because I would have been spending a small fortune on food this summer. Instead, we relied on what we had and yes we went over our budget at times but I have now made a entertaining budget to have money set aside for times like that. So, our cereal stockpile of what used to be around 18 boxes is now down to 3.

Here is how my shopping went this weekend.

At ShopRite I spent $38.27. I am going to admit that I totally screwed up this order. Let’s just say my head was not in it and going to the grocery store with half your coupons and without your wallet is, well let’s say, STUPID. But, after my husband came to the store twice (once with the coupons and the other with the wallet) I walked away paying $38.27 for $60.45 worth of groceries. I could have done better but I’m just glad I got out of there with my head on straight. I did remember to pick up extra Kellogg’s Rebate Calendars so I get points for that, right? Well maybe from you guys but definitely not from my husband…sorry Pat!
At Pathmark I snagged 3 FREE bacon as well as some of the other deals going on at Pathmark. You can see them here. One thing I want to point out is that Pathmark always has meat on managers special. Now sometimes it’s not worth the extra coupon they are offering especially if the meat was only at the full retail price. But sometimes it’s really worth it. Like today. I snagged the roasting chickens for only $4.00 each because it was on special and then they had $2.00 off additional manager’s special coupons attached.

Total spent was $15.96 for $70.70 worth of groceries. Now mind you, I would have never paid full price for the groceries. But it’s fun to see what my cost would have been had I paid full price. It’s amazing to me that some people do just that. Yikes!!

I had also stopped at Costco for 2 gallons of milk and a package of Crystal Light (a treat for me) and spent $9.98 there as well as running back to ShopRite to get a loaf of bread at $1.49.

So my totals for the week are: $65.70
$10 below my budget of $75/wk
{doin’ the happy dance}

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