My Super Savings Shopping Trip

Even though I am not done shopping for the week, I thought I would post up my progress so far. It was a smooth, rocky & new experience this weekend. Here is how it went:

ShopRite is always my first stop because almost every week I wait till Friday or Saturday to take advantage of the ShopRite sale. This way I can get the 4 day price break items and not have to go twice (once in the beginning of the week & once at the end). Plus I like to go on Friday or Saturday night because they mark down all the bakery items. This time I scored 2 loaves of pound cake for only $1.44 each.
I was able to get the Barilla pasta for free. I know all of us NJ shoppers only got the $1/2 off Barilla in our inserts. Because of all the issues with Red Plum, I purchased sets of inserts off ebay and was able to get the $.50/1 coupons in the inserts I purchasaed, making the Barilla FREE. Yeah!
This smooth transaction cost $15.90 for $37.76 worth of groceries

Then to Aldi. You all know I love Aldi. No coupons allowed which is why I just concentrate on produce and dairy items I rarely get coupons for. Here is a sampling of the prices:
Milk $1.99, Deluxe Almonds $3.29, Celery $1.29, Baby Carrots $.59, Roma Tomatoes (8) $1.89, Vidalia Onions (about 5) $1.89, Large Eggs $.99, Blueberries $1.39
Total for this smooth transaction: $38.22
Onto the not so smooth transaction.
I brought the hubs with me to make it easier to run through a couple of transactions that I was doing with the Bucks Back deal.
Transaction #1: No Catalina printed + Transaction #2: No Catalina printed
= one not so happy shopper.
So I marched over to customer service. The, kinda crumpy, customer service lady promptly gave me $10.00 back in cash without so much as looking at my receipt. That made me think that they have been having trouble with these catalinas this week. So, with that in mind, I decided it would be best NOT to do the Dannon deal right then. But I’ll be back.
Here I spent: $15.26 for $72.88 worth of groceries.
I wasn’t going to post a picture of my second trip to ShopRite (I forgot to get the jelly) but I got these calendars and I wanted you to see them. They are for the Jewish New Year and ShopRite is giving them away. Inside is, you guessed it, coupons. So grab 1 or 2 if you see them. They were by the exit as well as the customer service desk at my ShopRite.
Total here: $3.61 (had a coupon for FREE tea) for $13.11 worth of groceries
Lastly, onto a store that I haven’t been to in years, Trader Joe’s.
Here I spent $7.17 and am definitely going to go back.
Prices were great! More in another post.

Summary of my weekend. Spent: $80.18 for approx $170 worth of groceries. The Aldi & Trader Joe’s are hard to determine so I keep those priced at exactly what I paid.
I was under last week by $10 so I am still under for the last 2 weeks by $5.00
I’m saving that for Target & another trip to Pathmark. Come to think of it, I might go over but I think it will be worth it for what I can get.

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