Red Plum Insert Missing?

I am posting this question for my NJ readers to see if you guys can help me.

I pick up the NJ Star Ledger every Sunday (4 copies) at CVS or Walgreens. For the last 3 weeks I have been missing the Red Plum insert. Is this happening to anyone else?

If you are getting the Red Plum insert, which NJ paper are you getting it from? Are you getting it from the store or delivery?

Thanks for your help. I am going to have to purchase my Red Plum inserts from Coupon by Dede as I am missing some deals because of it.

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  • Anonymous

    I get my inserts from the Daily Journal, it only costs 75 cents, but I get every insert they say is coming out. Obviously, sometimes the coupons vary by region. I get them at Wawa usually.


  • lisa

    I get The Record every Sunday, and the red plum coupons are in there.

  • Melanie- Linden NJ

    I get the red plum delivered with my supermarket circulars but I'm always missing my smart source in the Star Ledger that I have delivered.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Cindy.
    From West Orange NJ. missing the Red Plum for the
    last 3 weeks too {home delivery and the store}
    NJ Star ledger.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing this week or last in the Star-Ledger. I don't understand what's going on.

  • Cindy Livesey

    For those of you that get the Red Plum. Is the Smart Source in there as well or is it just the Red Plum?
    Thanks for everyone's input!!

  • Anonymous

    Same here. I had to buy the record last week. Didn't see RP there this week

  • Lyn

    Cindy – My red plum came in Thursdays paper this week. Hope that helps

  • Anonymous

    From maplewood NJ, I didn't get RP for the last three weeks either in store purchased star-ledger. Today I also checked the daily (new?), it only has RP. I tried to figure out which one to buy in the future. Let us know if you have better idea.

  • Cindy Livesey

    All my neighbors, West Orange, Maplewood. Hi neighbors. I go to Maplewood A&P when they have the sales. Cute little store and the cashiers are so nice.

    Anyway, this is my dilemma, which papers to buy. The Record (which you can get most places) has the Red Plum ($1.50) and the NY Post had the Smart Source ($1.25) but when you buy 4 sets that $11. Too much money. Not sure how to handle this yet. I sucked it up today and paid but I don't want to keep doing it.

  • Anonymous

    I am in Bridgewater, NJ and have been missing the Red Plum for 3 weeks. The dilemma for me is that the Star Ledger has better Smart Source coupons (they have more than the Courier) but the Courier has Red Plum. I too am spending a fortune to try to find all the inserts to the papers. If someone finds an alternative I would also love to know!

  • Anonymous

    I just read from another blog that New Jersey Sunday Herald($1.25) might have both inserts. Not sure if I can get this at CVS or walgreens.

  • Anonymous

    I have been missing the Red Plum from my Star Ledger the past 3 weeks also. I am near Phillipsburg, NJ. I am getting them in the Express- Times but they are horrible compared to the Star Ledger. I don't know what paper I can get to have the good Red Plum inserts in my area.

  • ScoringDeals

    RedPlum insert came on Thursday's newspaper 7/30 and 8/6. It also came the Kellogg's B2S coupon booklet.

    This week there was no RP at all.