Acme: Free or Cheap General Mills Products

There is a General Mills sale going on right now at ShopRite but I have to tell you that the one at Acme is much better. Acme is Buy $20 in General Mills products and get $5 back in a catalina. I don’t get an Acme circular mailed to my house so I was trying to read it online. After a bit of time and a lot of squinting, I determined that the 20 minute drive to Acme would be worth it. And I was right.
I purchased $93.45 worth of groceries for $3.61 OOP & still have a $5.00 catalina & a $2.00 survey coupon that printed out at the end of my receipt.
So I got everything above for a profit of $3.39
Note: This was done in 4 transactions, rolling each $5.00 catalina into the next transaction.

But listen, if you don’t have an Acme, the ShopRite deal is still great.

Here is how this Acme trip went. The good thing about this deal is, like Pathmark & A&P, the qualifying price is based on the shelf price. I will list everything I purchased with the shelf price, the sale price and the coupon amount.

All printable coupons can be found here. So get printing!
(FYI, these are the same coupons that will work for ShopRite as well)

Whole Grain Total Cereal ($4.19) $2.00 $.75/1 printable
MultiGrain Cheerios ($4.19) $2.00 $.75/1 printable
Cocoa Puffs ($3.89) $2.00 $.75/1 printable
Fiber One Yogurt ($3.49) $2.50 $1.00/1 printable
Green Giant Boxed Vegetables ($2.25) $1.00 $.50/2 printable
The Tositos and Salsa were used as a filler for one of the transactions. They were $2.50 and I had a coupon for a BOGO Salsa.

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  • lisa

    I need an Acme. You did great!

  • Cindy Livesey


  • Lyn

    Wow Cindy – I am impressed! Question – how did you get multiple copies to print for those coupons? Thanks

  • Cindy Livesey

    Hey Lyn,
    Good question. I printed some maybe a week or 2 ago and then the coupons reset. So I was able to print them again.

    We do have 2 computers in the house so I am able to print 2 off of each computer. Whenever I see products that we like, we use, or that usually matches up to a good sale, I print it right away. In this case it paid off because I when they reset I was able to collect more.

  • Michelle B.

    I had a horrible time at my Acme. I had worked up 4 transactions and the first one went off without a hitch, the second one didn't print out my cat coupon and then the manger tries to tell me that the deal was based on sale prices not shelf prices. I was told it was a fluke that the first transaction worked. I walked out with 3 boxes of Total, 6 cans of Progresso Soup, 2 Green Giant veggies and a Fiber one cereal for a profit of 1.00. I have no clue how it worked out that way because they messed up the transactions so badly. Not a bad haul but I was irked that I didn't get all that I went in for.

  • Cindy Livesey

    You did well regardless.
    Sometimes things always don't work out. That has been my case as well lately. I actually was going to do 2 more transaction but the last cashier I had decided that the "do not double" on the coupon really meant for her to not double. I had to convince her that the "do not double" is for the manufacturer to let the store know that they will not give them double the refund even if their store policy is double coupons. After that I decided to stop. I may go back, not sure. If you want to email me what you were trying to get in the second transaction maybe I can find out what may have caused it.

    Did you check all your shelf prices? If you based your order on my shelf price, possibly yours are slightly different then mine.

  • Michelle B

    I am pretty sure it was the shelf price of the Green Giant veggies that messed up my transaction. I mean, it was definitely my fault in that regard but I was so flustered with the managers and this is my first time having any issue with coupons at all, so I am a newbie to it. I definitely got a really good deal on what I got though. I still have a 5.00 catalina (again, no clue how it all worked out that way) so I will try going back to a store that is a little farther away and tweak my scenarios tomorrow.

  • Michelle B

    Oh, and why I got so flustered was the cashier kept saying he didn't ring up everything and he threw everything, paid for and not paid for, in my cart and sent me up to the customer service counter saying I needed to void part of my one reciept. They were very confused.

  • Cindy Livesey

    Good luck. Let me know how you make out.