My Super Savings Shopping Trip – Part 1

I decided to do my shopping all during this coming week. I actually don’t have that much to get. Just a few items we need & want and some sale items at Pathmark. That’s about it. I may make a run to Aldi but I’m not sure. We’ll see how the week goes.
I had to stop at Acme today because, number 1 they are having another great catalina sale and, number 2, my $5.00 catalina & $2.00 coupon from the last great sale where expiring today.
So off to Acme I went.
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Acme. I love it so much I decided to give it it’s own label on the blog. I mean where else can I go and get everything above for only $.07. I used my $7.00 from the previous sale and I have $5.00 leftover. Out of pocket I paid only $.07 for $61.51 worth of groceries.
Did I mention that I love Acme.
I even told the cashier today, that I loved Acme. She thought I was a bit crazy but she couldn’t help comment on what a great deal I just got.
If you missed how I was able to get all this for $.07 go here to see the deal.
And go to Acme. You’ll love it too!!
Stay tuned for the rest of my Super Savings Shopping Trip.

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