My Walgreens Trip

This week at Walgreens there are so many great deals going on it can get a bit overwhelming. Especially if you are new to rolling deals at Walgreens and taking advantage of their Register Rewards. Even for us experienced Walgreens shoppers it was a bit overwhelming.
I thought I would go through my shopping trip today and show you picture by picture.
So here it goes.

Transaction #1:
Sunday Star Ledger $2.00
Halls $1.00
Dentek $2.00

2 TheraFlu $8.00

$1.00 (halls)
$1.00 (Dentex)
$2.00 (TheraFlu)
$4.00 (Wags TheraFlu)
$2.00 Register Reward from Thermacare
$2.00 Register Rewared from ??

Paid $.64 OOP

$1.00 RR from Cadbury Adams
$2.00 RR from Dentex
$4.00 RR from Novartis

Transaction #2:
Herbal Essence Shampoo $2.99
Gillette Razor $8.99
3 Halloween Pencils $1.50

$1.00 Herbal Essence
$4.00 Gillette
$.75 Wags Pencils
$4.00 Register Reward form Novartis
$2.00 Register Reward from Dentex
$1.00 Register Reward from Cadbury Adams

Paid: $1.62 OOP

$2.00 RR from Proctor & Gamble
$6.00 RR from Proctor & Gamble

Transaction #3:
Vaseline Lotion $6.99
Robitussin $2.49
Hunts Sauce $.99

$1.50 Vaseline
$.60 Wags Hunts
$6.00 Register Reward from Proctor & Gamble
$2.00 Register Reward from Proctor & Gamble

Paid: $.86 OOP

$7.00 RR from Unilever
$2.50 RR from Wyeth

Transaction #4
Emergen-C $3.49
Chapstick $2.99
Oral-B $3.00
Hunts $.99

$.60 Wags Hunts
$7.00 Register Rewards from Unilever
$2.50 Register Rewards from Wyeth

Paid: $.56 OOP

$3.00 RR from Wyeth
$3.50 RR from Alacer

I should have received a $3.00 Register Reward from the Oral B (Proctor & Gamble) but it did not print and I didn’t notice it until I got home.

The bottom line is I paid $1.18 for all of this when you figure the Register Rewards I started with, the amount I paid OOP and the Register Rewards I finished with. It really should have been a profit of $1.82 if I had received the Oral B like I was suppose to.

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