Update on My Son

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So many of you sent your best wishes for my son and I am touched by everyone’s concern. I just wanted to update you all on his condition.

During a play early in the game of the season opener for his high school football team, he was tackled around the legs and then was hit, helmet to helmet, as he was falling to the ground. It caused a compression fracture of the T5 vertebrae. It was pretty scary but we are so thankful that he will make a full recovery. Right now, however, he is in a lot of pain and, of course, devastated that his senior year, at quarterback and captain of the team, he is now out for the rest of the season.

Thank you to everyone for your patience with my very light amount of posts/deals the last couple of days. As he is able to be more mobile, rest assured I will be back in full swing here on Living Rich With Coupons.

And thank you all for your well wishes. I truly appreciate your thoughts and prayers.