Christmas At Swagbucks

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Search & Win
My Mission
I am on a mission. My mission is to purchase most, if not all, of my Christmas presents using my Swagbucks rewards. If you are not familiar with Swagbucks it’s a way to earn prizes by simply searching the internet in the exact same way you use google or or any of those search engines. The only difference is that with Swagbucks you earn prizes. The prize I ALWAYS get is the $5 Amazon gift card. I do that for 2 reasons. The first is that it only requires 45 Swagbucks, the second is that you can get almost anything through making my Christmas shopping that much easier.

How to use Swagbucks
So how exactly do you win? Good question. When you search using the swagbucks toolbar (once you sign up you can download the toolbar similar to a google toolbar) every so often you win a Swagbuck or 2 or sometimes more. The Swagbuck dollar appears on your screen and is instantly added to your Swagbucks account. My secret is that I type in everything into the Swagbucks toolbar even if I already know the address. For instance, I obviously know my own address but I always type in Living Rich With Coupons to increase my chances.

My Christmas Presents
For Christmas I usually purchase somewhere around 20 gifts. My goal is to get most of them using my Swagbucks. I have already purchased 2. I will be keeping a tally of my progress online on the right sidebar if you want to follow. I would love to tell you what I purchased however most of my family reads Living Rich With Coupons and I know my kids would love to see what they are getting….so I can’t post it. Sorry kids! So, we’ll just have to go with the number of gifts purchased.

How to sign up and earn
If you are interested in joining my gift buying mission or just trying Swagbucks out for yourself you can go here to sign up.

Have fun and happy searching!