FREE Grocery Delivery – Genuardi, Safeway, Von’s

Attention Genuardis, Safeway & Vons Shoppers.

Have you wanted to try shop at home service but didn’t want to spend the extra money on the delivery service. Well right now you are in luck because Genuardis, Safeway & Vons all have a great promotion going on.

All 3 are offering FREE delivery for 60 days. How it will work is you will get free delivery on your first order of $50 or more. Then, for the next 60 days, when you spend $100 or more on your order, your delivery will be FREE. Within 3 days of your first order they will send you a promotion code to use on your other orders. They take coupons after they deliver so your $50 will be based on the pre-coupon amount.

Go to these sites to take advantage of this promo:

Genuardi FREE Delivery
Safeway FREE Delivery
Von’s FREE Delivery

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