JoS A Banks: Polo Shirts for $6.33 Each

New Update: The shirts are no longer coming up as Buy 1 Get 2 once they are put in the shopping cart. Other items still are but not these. If you really want them, my suggestion would be to call because the website does still say Buy 1 Get 2 on the polos. It’s just not coming off in the shopping cart.

I posted this morning about the awesome Buy 1 Get 2 FREE sale at JoS A. Banks. My sister-in-law emailed me to let me know that these Cotton Pique Polos are on clearance for $19.00 each and are included in the sale. So you get 3 polo shirts for $6.33 each. Of course, I hurried over to check it out and I picked up 3 shirts with shipping for $25.37.

Now that’s an awesome deal! Good thing the hubs doesn’t keep up with my site otherwise he would know what he is getting for Christmas.

Go here to take advantage of the deal.

Deal is good through 10/21 or while supplies last.

(Thanks Jodi!)

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  • Anonymous

    Hi, It's Susan Z…they won't let me buy one, get two free…what is the coupon code to use? THx!

  • Cindy Livesey

    I just tried it again and it looks as if they have caught on. What a bummer. Well, it lasted 2 days so it took a while. Sorry you missed it. There is no code. It automatically came off at checkout. I'll update the post. So sad 🙁

    However, you might want to call if you are really interested because the website does say Buy 1 Get 2 right on the polos. Just a suggestion.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Cindy, Just talked to them (very nice)…order did not process but he told me to put it through, then sent a message to corporate to honor the sale…they will be sending me an email back confirming that I got the deal. I'll let you know how it works out, but he said they should honor it. Stay tuned! Susan