My Super Savings Shopping Trip

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My plan for this weeks shopping did not start off well. I had planned to hit CVS for what would have been a good trip however I was sick on Friday through Saturday morning. Some of the coupons I was using at CVS expired on Friday so I had to regroup on Saturday and try again. I was also going to go to Acme to take advantage of their sale but being that I lost Friday and 1/2 of Saturday, I bagged that idea. Honestly, everything I was going to get their, even though it was so cheap, I really didn’t need so it was no big deal. They’ll be another.
Here is what I actually did.
Trip #1 to Pathmark cost a total of $1.59 which is really just the price of the Martin’s Potato Bread. Everything else was free. I was going to buy a bunch of the bread but the whole wheat, which we love, was not on sale so I just got one.
$1.59 for $17.72 worth of groceries.
Here is CVS.
Now my head was a little foggy when I was redoing this deal but it turned out great. As a matter of fact, I haven’t had a good deal at CVS in a while so it felt good walking out of their paying only $.90. I started with $8.00 in ECB, paid $.09 OOP and got back $8 ECB. Maybe I should figure out all my deals with a foggy head 🙂
$.09 for $31.99 worth of groceries.

This trip to ShopRite took place in 2 transactions.
Total $17.04 for $83.32 worth of groceries.

I used a $5.00 Target gift card I had from anther deal to pay for these items but they only came to $2.51. I price matched the Skippy from the Walgreens ad this week since my Target did not have them on the sale at $1.74. Make sure if you ever price match at Target that you bring the entire circular that you are matching against. It was very easy to do.
I had Target coupons for the other items that had been mailed to me and I will be submitting for the rebate on the Palmolive that came in the same insert as the coupon I used.
$0.00 OOP for $10.26 worth of groceries.
Then to Costco.
Here I spent $19.57 and at Costco it is what it is.
I can tell you that I am very careful when I shop at Costco now. I go in with a list and I stick to it. No more $200 shopping trips that most of the stuff went bad before I could use it.
I did have a good “free lunch” there today. Veggie chips, salad, hot chocolate, soup samples and more. By the time I left I was full. I love Costco on Sundays. Lots of free samples 🙂
Back to Pathmark where I just went in to pick up a couple items from the Simply Savings book and recheck the meat for managers specials. When I was there on Saturday there were none. Today there were some good deals on Perdue roaster chickens.
I want to say hi to my new readers who I meet as we were milling around the chickens. I showed her how they put the managers special tags on and you can take $1.00 or $2.00 off the meat price. Hi and welcome!
The best time to pick up these manager special deals is when the meat is already on sale. For instance in this case, the whole roaster chickens were already only $.79 per pound. One of my chickens was priced at $5.54 with $2.00 off making it only around $.50 per pound for a Perdue roaster. Now that is an awesome deal.
$11.46 for $38.42 worth of groceries
And lastly, back to ShopRite.
Now I usually do the ShopRite sales at the end of the week but this deal on pork was just too good. Besides, I had this delicious sounding recipe that I wanted to try with pork that I couldn’t wait to try and I was way below my budget. I will most likely go back next Friday or Saturday (with my new week’s grocery money) and buy more than.
At $.99 per lb the pork loin is a good deal. I had the butcher cut it into chops and a roast and when I got home I seperated it out and will get 4 meals out of it. It comes to around $2.75 per meal.
$21.09 for $32.82 worth of groceries.

So, this week I spent $71.65 which is still under my $75.00. Plus I am still under from last week by $35.71. So my total under for the last 2 weeks is $39.06.
I got so much stuff this week including 32 lbs of meat.

I know this is a lot of trips to different stores but honestly I am in and out of stores pretty quickly. Most of my planning is done at home. Only at CVS did I wander around for a bit but that may have had something to do with my foggy head.
Hope you took advantage of some of the great deals!

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