My Super Savings Shopping Trip

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Now that I have gotten my stockpile back up to where it was before the summer, I am shopping just deals or things we need or want. I did want to purchase some more meat this week but nothing stood out as being a great deal. I didn’t go to Pathmark and that is where I usually can get manager special meat at great prices. I may have to pop in there this week just to take a look at that. Otherwise I am done. It was pretty boring but I was way under budget. So I guess that makes it not so boring, for me anyhow.
First I went to ShopRite as usual.

I started using those $1/1 Bumble coupons that kept printing and printing for me. Actually I went back on the site today and the coupon is still available. Don’t know what’s up with that but I’m happy about it.
At my ShopRite I can only use 4 of the same coupon so I just bought the 4 tunas. I’ll make a couple of trips during the week just to pick more up.
The total there was: $20.68 for $49.85 worth of groceries

Then I went to Acme, Target & Costco. I wanted to go to Aldi today but I was able to snag fruit & veggies at decent prices and Aldi is a bit of a hike for me. Maybe next week.
I went to Acme only because I had to use up my $5.00 catalina from the Campbells/Pepperidge Farm Deal. It was expiring today. So I just picked up the raspberries and apples which were both on sale.
Total at Acme: $1.24 for $12.94 worth of groceries

I went to Target to see if they had the Bumble Bee tuna at $1 as I had heard rumors of that. Well, it is on sale for $1.00 but they had no more left. But, while I was there I looked around. I took my new coupon organizer (I know, I have promised to show you how I have organized my coupons and I will. It’s coming…I promise) and I was able to take advantage of a couple of deals that were there. For instance, the Crystal Light (5 single serve packets) were on clearance for $.68. I picked up 4 of them and used the $2/2 from the 9/13 Smart Source. Then I found the Rimmel Mascara for $2.24 and I used the $2/1 from the 8/23 Red Plum. Then my son called…
“Mom, are you at the store?”
“Yes, why?
“Can you get some salsa?”
And so I picked up salsa and spent more on the salsa then all the other things combined.
Total at Target: $4.81 for $15.10 worth of products

Then to Costco. I went for milk and bananas and they were out of bananas. Bummer. But I love their price on the romaine lettuce. We go through so much of it because my husband and I both eat salads for lunch almost everyday. Plus we have it with dinner a lot. We’ll go through that big 5 pack in a week.
Total at Costco: $12.56
So all together I spent $39.29 and I am $35.71 under budget.
You can’t see me right now but I’m doin the happy dance. Well it’s not really a dance, it’s more of a head bopping. It’s hard to dance while your sitting and typing. But either way, it’s a happy bop.
Hope you guys had great shopping trips this weekend.
And, don’t yell at me….the coupon organization is coming.