Super Savings Shopping Trip

Wow, what a busy weekend. There was no time for shopping this weekend so I was only able to get to 2 stores.
Because of the lack of time, I stuck to the basics. I didn’t do anything fancy, just straight up coupons. No catalina deals, no rolling deals just grabbed my coupons and went.
I went to ShopRite on Saturday night and I forgot my calculator. I was so worried I was spending too much that I kept putting things back. Maybe I should NOT bring my calculator because I only spent $18.74 for $64.21 worth of groceries.
Then I went to Pathmark and spent $12.54 for $63.95 worth of groceries. The Ronzoni, batteries, toilet paper & fabric softener were all FREE.

I will still be running over to Costco for milk, Craisins ($3.00 off coupon), salad dressing (I have fallen in love with this blueberry dressing they have) and romaine lettuce. That will only run me around $22.00 for a grand total of around $54.00 which is $21.00 under budget. After the last 2 weeks and this week I am $63.00 under budget for the month so far.

The good thing is my stockpile is back to what it was before the summer ran it dry. It was so nice to “shop” in my pantry today when I went to visit my daughter at school. I was able to fill up 2 bags of goodies to bring to her and it didn’t even make a dent in my stockpile items.

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  • Post Grad

    Wow! You racked up this week. Great savings! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I am saving a lot of money but not saving as much as you are. I use to spend around 600 a month for everything. Now i am spending around 400 a month for everything. I have a rite aid, walgreens, kroger, food lion, and a commissary (military). I am only buying sale items that I have coupons for. And they have to be deeply discounted. I am buying several of those at a time for stock piling. Any advice.


  • Cindy Livesey

    Great question. It was such a good question I put it in a post. You can view the answer by clicking on the beginner series link above.

    Thanks for asking,

  • lisa

    Cindy, is the Snuggle on sale at PathMark for $3? I looked in ShopRite for it but it wasn't the right size for the coupon.

  • Cindy Livesey

    The 64 oz Snuggle is on sale at Pathmark for $2.99. The coupon is for….oh wait… the coupon is for 32 ld or larger?!? Who writes ld on a coupon?!? It went through. I thought it was ounce and so did the cashier who was amazed I was getting them for free. Honestly…who writes ld?