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As most of you know, my husband and I are on a debt free mission. Our hope and our goal is to be completely debt free within 8 years (mortgage and all). We have buckled down, cut costs and trimmed expenses all to fulfill our dream of being completely debt free.

Besides enjoying the financial freedom that comes along with debt free living, our wish is to be able to give to others when we are financial able to. In the mean time, while we are trimming the fat out of our expenses, it is a bit difficult to be able to give monetarily although we do give a little. There are, however, so many other ways to give.

  • Volunteer our time, as we do through our son’s school.
  • Gathering up extra food we have been able to find for free or cheap and donating it to food drives.
  • Giving of our knowledge in areas that we are experienced in such as right here on this blog or showing someone how to sew up a pillow or curtain (beat you all didn’t know I could do that)
  • Walking in a walkathon.
  • And so much more.

Then I found another way that all of us can help. Now I know all of you can help because if you are reading this then you have a computer and a mouse. And if you have those two things, then you can help a good cause.

It’s call Click to Give. Initially it was brought to my attention by one of my wonderful readers, Jennifer. Her Click to Give was for The Animal Rescue Site. But there are others as well that I will list here.

This is simply a way to just click on a page. That is it. Just a simple click and close. By clicking on a page, it increases the sites traffic boosting the advertising that is placed on the site. The more clicks the more the advertises will pay the charity organization enabling them to raise money for their cause. So please take a moment to click on any or all of these sites to help a good cause. One click a day is all it takes. I will also place these in my sidebar so feel free to click on them whenever you visit.

Click to Give: The Animal Rescue Site

Click to Give: End Animal Cruelty
Click to Give: End Child Abuse
Click To Give: Fight Against Cancer
Click to Give: Help fight poverty
Click to Give: Help the homeless

(Thanks Jennifer!)