My Acme Deals

Alrighty, I have been working on my trip trips to Acme and I came up with a pretty good starting transaction. I was trying to set up the first transaction by getting exactly what I wanted to get (not just because they were cheaper) and get the least amount out of pocket (OOP). I’m pretty happy with my first transaction and I even left myself some room just in case the shelf prices are not what I expected. I am taking a printout of the deals from my site, a calculator, a list of the deals I would like to do, the coupons I pulled for the deals, a list of the UPC codes of the items that are on sale and my coupon binder (I’ll leave it in the car just in case I need it).

After the first transaction, all I have to do is get my OOP close to $15 and I’ll be set since I will just be rolling the catalina from the transaction before. The way this sale is going it is so easy to get down to $15. If I am below $15, then I’ll just throw in a filler or two so I can use my catalina.

Here is my first planned deal:

4 Viva Paper Towels ($2.69) $1.99
2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch ( $4.39) $1.99
2 Wishbone Salad Dressing ($3.59) $1.99
2 Gold Medal Flour ($3.29) $1.99
Total Shelf Price: $33.30
Total Sale Price: $19.90

-(4)$.85/1 viva
-(2)$.55/1 CTC
-(2)$.75/1 Wishbone
-(2)$.50/1 Flour
Total OOP: $5.90 <----nice and low
Get a $15 Catalina
$9.10 moneymaker

I technically don’t need to buy 2 of the flours but I put it in just in case my shelf prices are off. I won’t get it if I don’t need to.

Deal #2: There are really so many of them. You can almost do any combination that you like.

6 Progresso Soups ($2.79) $1.69
2 Skippy Peanut Butter ($2.99) $1.99
2 Progresso Bread Crumbs ($2.99) $1.99
1 Lipton Tea Bags ($3.79) $2.49
Total Shelf Price: $32.49
Total Sale Price: $20.59

-(2)$1/2 soup
-(2)$.40/1 PB (I didn’t have the $.75 coupon)
-(1)$1/2 bread crumbs

Total: $15.99
-$15 catalina from 1st transaction

Total OOP: $.99

Go here to view the list of items with their shelf price, sale price & coupons.

Note: Be on the lookout for “knockdown prices”. These prices are adjusted from the regular shelf price but not necessarily the same as the sale price. If an item is labeled as a “knockdown price” then you need to use that price to calculate your qualifying amount.

So, what are you waiting for…get printing and get your lists together. I’ll be at the Acme at Morris Plains tomorrow in the late morning. If you see me, stop me and say hi.

Good luck and please share your deals with us.

(UPC source: HCW)

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  • Anonymous

    Do you shop at Morris Plains, NJ? I've had troubles with that acme — on the general mills deal a couple weeks back, the cashier refused to give me the catalina that printed out since I was banking on the shelf pricing rather than the sale pricing and she told me I would need to spend more (I bought $10 of total to get $10 onyo). After literally throwing out my catalina, she yelled at me, and then I asked for someone else and then they yelled at me too. Not sure if I want to try again on this deal…

  • Cindy Livesey

    Yes Morris Plains, NJ. Bummer on that. I had trouble there with a Do Not Double couple that actually was doubling. I tried to explain to them that the do not double meant that the manufacturer would not offer up the double amount. The stores double policy had nothing to do with it. They did not understand. I haven't left yet and I might try heading over to the Rockaway store since I want to go to Aldi anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I went by the sale pricing instead of the shelf pricing and didn't have a problem at the Morris Plains acme. They doubled the dnd coupons, and the lady asked me if the catalinas were supposed to print out when 3 $5 coupons printed out. I told her yes, and she handed them to me without issue. The acme in Randolph actually manually "fixed" the computer in self-check out when it had doubled my dnd coupons during the last general mills promotion.

  • Amiyrah

    I went to my Acme yesterday, the first day of the sale, and most of the items were already gone. Here's hoping you have better luck going tomorrow.

  • Lindsay

    I have a question… how many of these deals are you able to get? If I use my first Catalina deal to purchase another "$30 worth" with the same saver card will another one print out or do I need a different card?

  • Cindy Livesey

    Yes another one will print. I rolled 1 into the other. I have also heard that you can do 2 at once, meaning you can spend "$60 worth" and get $30 in cats.