Super Savings Shopping Trip

This weekend I did a coupon run and a non coupon run. I have been loving ShopRite and their great prices lately. The one thing I find about ShopRite is that they consistentlyhave good prices. You really can do so well there without all those fancy catalina deals. Not that I don’t like a super good catalina deal, but it’s nice to have someplace you know you can go to and get great prices. With coupons of course. Which is what happened here.

I think I did super well at ShopRite. I even impressed the man behind me with all my coupons as he watched the register go down, down, down. If he is reading this…hey man behind me in line at ShopRite. Glad you are here.

I got a really great assortment of stuff this time which is nice as sometimes with the deals you walk away with a bunch of Kraft items or cookies or so who knows what. This time it was a little of everything. Even tilapia, which we ate tonight, yum!

All this was only $29.25 for $87.27 worth of groceries.

Then I was back and forth on heading out to Aldi and then to A&P to take advantage of their dollar doubler coupons. They are both a distance for me and I just simply ran out of time this weekend. So, I went to Costco.

Some people have asked me if I think you can get good prices at Costco. My answer is yes and no. It’s really a personal decision. For me, it is very close to my house. I pick up the same items all the time. Milk, romaine lettuce, turkey, bananas and a few things here and there that my family likes that I have trouble getting good coupons on or that they just don’t carry at the regular stores. The fifty some odd dollars it costs to join have to be taken into consideration as well when determining the costs and savings.

You have to be careful when you shop there. A lot of people think that just because you buy in bulk means you are getting a great price. Not so. There are many, many items that are priced much higher then using coupons and matching them up with sales at your regular stores.

Here are some items that I think are priced reasonably:
Bananas, milk, romaine lettuce, yeast, block cheese, eggs

If I wasn’t living so close to a Costco would I join? Probably not. For me it’s convenience and some good prices on basic items. And sometimes convenience wins in my book.

So, everything you see in the bottom picture is from Costco & Pathmark. Picked up that $1.77/lb ground turkey (great price) on sale at Pathmark. Will be making our special turkey dish tomorrow and I will share the recipe. Easy, cheap and delicious…just the way I like it. The Tosititos and salsa…well, we have a World Series going on people…what do you think we eat?!?!

Paid $27.18 at Costco & $12.61 at Pathmark.
Total for the week: $69.04 which is yet again under my $75 budget. Yay!!

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