Super Savings Shopping Trip

This week’s addition of Super Saving Shopping Trip should be called the I Just Didn’t Feel Like Shopping Shopping Trip cause that is just how I felt. I really didn’t want to plan ahead and figure out what I was getting. I didn’t feel like using a bunch of coupons this week. I just needed a break. And you know what, that is okay. I have so much stocked up that I really didn’t need to shop at all but I decided to just go out and get a few things and be done with it. I didn’t even go to Pathmark or ShopRite. They will survive without me for a week. So, here is what I did.
I headed over to Acme to use up my $15 catalinas plus the $2 I had from doing a survey. I never made it back to do more of the catalina deal and that’s okay too. There will be others. They are having a great price on ground turkey this week. Each of these packages were only $1.88 each. Awesome price. The rest of the stuff I found while I was there to fill up the $17. I needed them anyway and found coupons in my binder while I was there. I did it on the fly. Total spent $.19 for $46.78 worth of groceries. Not too bad 🙂
Onto Aldi where you can always go when you don’t feel like using coupons. Actually, when I first started using coupons and was building my stash of both food and coupons, I would do a lot of shopping at Aldi. Their prices are just so good. Now, it’s pretty much just for certain items like produce and dairy. Today, I just bought what I felt like buying, not worrying about what I may be able to snag for free or cheap somewhere else. I was, however still using my calculator because, even though I wasn’t worrying about deals this week, I was still concerned about how much I was spending. Here I spent: $14.62
And then I went to Costco just to pick up some items that we needed. Milk, cheese, hoagie rolls (my son loves these rolls). It was a quick in and out for a total of $24.91.

And that was all she wrote. $39.72 later, I got what I needed and then some. Didn’t worry about coupons or planning. And, most importantly, I’m way under my $75 budget. Did I miss some really great sales? I’m sure I did but there will be many more right around the corner.

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