Super Savings Shopping Trip

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I started my weekend shopping a day early as I tried to get in the end of last weeks Pathmark deals. If you remember, last week I was a bit burnt out with the couponing so I didn’t get to Pathmark. But, with a week of rest from coupons, I was raring to go and walked out of Pathmark paying only $.15 for everything here. Seems criminal doesn’t it. Only $.15 for $34.25 worth of groceries. Hehe, now I remember why I love couponing 🙂

This big shopping trip at ShopRite still didn’t qualify me for a FREE turkey. Oh well, mom came through with a FREE 26 lb (actually she probably had to pay a little bit for it) that we will have for our Thanksgiving feast.

This shopping trip was a combined weekly grocery trip and shopping for Thanksgiving. Some of you may wonder, how did I stay on my grocery budget. Well, I didn’t or actually I did stay on budget I just used money set aside for this. I have a hospitality budget that I put money in each month to use at times like this. This week, however, I didn’t even need to use it. I have been so much under my budget for the last few weeks that I had over $120 leftover. I wound up using that money to pay for Thanksgiving. And with mom getting the turkey and bringing an antipasto and other family members bringing desserts, it really cuts down on the cost.

So, at ShopRite I spent $73.25 with $37.03 being for my weekly groceries and $36.22 for Thanksgiving.

I made a boring trip to Costco for milk, etc. spending $10.50 on this weeks grocery items and $9.98 for Thanksgiving.
And then lastly I went to Pathmark again. Here I just purchased my regular grocery items and had a blast. I was so excited to snag the Activia for so cheap with their catalina deal and found an unbelievable price on the chicken. I have mentioned before about their manager’s specials. Like I have said, it is only good when the meat is already on sale. If it’s full price, taking $2.00 off doesn’t do squat.

Well today, for some reason, the chicken was priced at $1.50 per lb which is already an unbelievable price but then there was $2.00 off each package. I was getting 2.75 lb packages of Perdue for less than $2.25 each. That comes to less than $.85 per lb. I picked up 5 packages and was so excited. At that price, who wouldn’t be.
Here I spent $19.90 for $87.45 worth of groceries.

So all together for the week I spent $67.58 for my regular shopping. Of that amount I got 27 lbs of chicken so I’d say that was a pretty good shopping trip and I’m still under my budget of $75 per week.

For Thanksgiving, I have spent $46.20 but I still have to pick up some items and will probably spend another $25 which still leaves me with money leftover from my money leftover. Now, that is nice when that happens…extra money from extra money.