Super Savings Shopping Trip

After shopping and cooking and cooking and shopping and shopping…oh you get the picture. I was wiped out after Thanksgiving.

We had a great Thanksgiving and it was so nice to have both sides of the family over for the first time in many years. We switched over our dining room with our living room to have more room so we could all eat together comfortably and it worked out great. I am tired of eating and tired of cooking. So the last thing I wanted to do was go out food shopping this week. So I didn’t. But I did have to pick up some celery and carrots to make my Turkey Soup with that big carcass that was sitting in a pot in my frig.

So of course I had to pick up a couple of “good deal” items while I was at Pathmark. The lettuce wasn’t a good deal but, as many of you know from seeing my shopping trips, it wouldn’t be a shopping weekend without some romaine lettuce. We eat a lot of it.

Anyway, I did my usual run through the meat department searching for those managers special deals and I found one on this petite filet of beef for only $3.23. They had a lot there but I wasn’t sure if we would like it as it was already marinaded so I only purchased one. On the package was a peelie sticker for $1.00 off Bob Evans side dish which just happened to be on sale for only $2.49. So for only $4.72 I got a great steak and potato meal. Throw in some salad and we are good to go.

Here I spent $21.98 for $54.26 worth of groceries. $54 just seems like a rip off for what is pictured here but that is what the receipt says. Yikes!
There was a loaf of whole wheat Italian bread I bought but somehow it didn’t make the picture.

So, my grand total for the week is $21.98 which is way below my $75 budget. Since I used up all my over budget money i had saved for Thanksgiving, it is nice to have a good amount in my pocket to hang onto.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one and I hope you are enjoying all the great deals I have been able to search around for. I am loving how much I am saving this Christmas. Talk about under budget. I am WAY under budget for my Christmas shopping:)

Keep checking back cause you never know if that one thing you were looking for pops up on a great deal.

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