Super Savings Shopping Trip – My Midweek Thanksgiving Trip

Yikes, is it the weekend already. Ha…got ya confused there for a minute. You thought this was my Super Saving Shopping post that I post every Sunday/Monday. What am I doing shopping in the middle of the week? Thanksgiving of course.

I had to make a run to ShopRite for some items I still needed as I begin my mad cooking day tomorrow (Wednesday) in preparation of the big turkey day. Of course, honestly, I’m not sure how I’m going to get it all in with picking up my daughter from the airport and picking up our new/used car. I’m staying calm & focused and hoping for the best.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to post this shopping trip because I really didn’t think it would be anything great. But after several great coupons started to pop up, my trip got that much better. Of course all of this is not for Thanksgiving. But the potatoes, clementines, butter (free), eggs(free), sour cream (free), crescent rolls (cheap), anise & stuffing (I missed the coupons) are. The rest, well they were just free or super, super cheap.

For all this I spent $21.99 for $68.64 worth of groceries and got a $2.00 catalina back. If you remember from my last trip the money for this comes out of my hospitality money or in this case the money I have had leftover from my the weeks I was under budget. And, with that, this should be it for my Thanksgiving shopping and I’m happy to say, I’m under my Thanksgiving budget. Whoot! Of course until I send someone out for the “oh my gosh I forgot the….”.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a big “Hello” to the lady behind me in the checkout line today.

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