Swagbucks Holiday Gift Card Blowout – Starts 11/27

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If you have Swagbucks you haven’t redeemed yet then hang on till tomorrow (Friday). You may be able to cash in on some great gift cards at a reduced amount of Swagbucks. Here is the deal straight from the Swagbucks blog:

“Starting on Black Friday (November 27th) we’ll drastically cut the price to much less than we normally have these cards at and you can scoop up as many as 2 for far less than their full price. We won’t announce which gift cards are the blowout card of the day but if and when you find it, go to town. Some gift cards may be the blow out gift card of the day more than once and at different blowout prices. That means you should probably explore the Swag Store every day just in case we’re blowing out one of your favorite online store’s gift card. We will do this all the way up until January 1st, 2010.”

I am so excited because I have been holding onto my Swagbucks to get the $50 Amazon gift card. So, yes, I’ll be check Swagbucks daily hoping that the Amazon card is one that gets reduced {fingers crossed}.

If you haven’t started with Swagbucks yet, then go here to check out what the buzz is all about and you can read about my paying for Christmas mission.