$1/1 Rayovac Battery Coupon is Back – Score FREE Batteries

Okay, here is the deal, I had this coupon & coupon code up in the beginning of the week but I took it down because the coupon code had come from inside the package of batteries that you purchase and I felt it was not right of me to post it. Well, I noticed on a forum that they had gotten the link approved, so I decided to call the company myself and check. I spoke to Dawn over at Rayovac customer service and explained where I would be posting it and she said they knew about the access to the code and the unlimited prints and they have no problem with me giving it out on a public blog . In fact, she said, “go for it”. And so I am. Here is the info again.

Print your $1/1 coupon for Rayovac Batteries here. Type in code: 74016761 (must type in, can not copy and paste). Coupon is for AA/AAA- 4 pkg, C/D – 2 pkg, 9V – 1 Pkg. Can possibly score some free batteries at Target and Walmart (I believe the AAA size is a 4 pkg and some Targets do have AA Alkaline batteries in their Dollar Spot as well). Just make sure the package size matches up. Note: This is a PDF coupon and some store will not take PDF coupon so please keep that in mind.

If you feel uncomfortable about using this code and would like to verify it yourself, please call Rayovac customer service at 1-800-237-7000. They were very nice.

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  • Anonymous

    Cindy, I posted this to you before you took it down the 1st time. This coupon does not scan. It doesn't beep it just doesn't scan. Thanks Eric

  • Cindy Livesey

    Hey Eric. Thanks for the heads up. There were some people that have trouble with it scanning and others who have no problem at all. If it does not scan, they should be able to key punch the number of the UPC code in and it should work fine. Sometimes that happens with PDF coupons and sometimes I find it happens a lot at Target even with their own coupons.

  • Whitney

    I've used this at my Target with great success – I've used it over 10 times already. The cashiers have been great.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I was early… I used it twice at Shoprite (4 each) and neither scan or typing it in worked. The girl was nice and put it in as 4.00 grocery though. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Whitney did it scan?????

  • Anonymous

    I used 2 at Walmart and 1 scanned & 1 didn't but I think that is cause i was running out of ink when i printed them.

  • Bethany

    I used 4 at Shoprite. They didn't scan but I thought it was because the batteries were on sale for $.99 and they had to manually change price.

  • Jamie

    At my Target the alkaline are 2 packs and the regular are 4 packs.

  • Anonymous

    i used 5 at target today and they worked fine!!! thank you very much for the posting

  • Shannon


    I’m trying to find where to punch the code in on the website. Could someone help me out by letting me know.