7-Eleven: $2.00 Coupon For An Oven Baked Large Pizza

I’m stopping over at 7-Eleven to check out these pizzas.  I’ve never had them before and I don’t know how much they are but there is a $2.00 off coupon for an Oven Baked Large Pizza over at Coupons.com.  Hopefully you can get a great deal on a pie.

Has anyone bought these before?  Anyone know a price?

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  • afraser

    Pizza's are not bad and go for $9.99 for a four cheese or pepperoni pizza. Still for $7.99 (with coupon) I would try a real pizza place for a pie. The 7-Eleven pizza tasted like the ones bought at the grocery store. The downside is you have to take what they have in the display case (who knows how long it has been sitting there) or wait for them to bake it for you, we took ours from the display case, it was hot, the clerk said it had only been in there about 20 minutes.