A&P: Triple Coupons Are Back!

Update:  Thanks to reader Beth for bringing this to my attention and I confirmed this as well at my store, they are not tripling internet printed coupons.  Also my A&P is only taking up to 4 triples of the same product.  Watch for match ups later.  (Thanks Beth!)
Okay guys, I did it again.  I let out that coupon squeal.  Yeap, I did!  I got 2 emails from readers letting me know that A&P is having TRIPLE COUPONS starting on Friday.  See, you squealed too, caught ya!
I’m already working on some match ups that I’ll post soon.  I’m hoping you guys will help me along if you come up with a great coupon match ups.
How to prepare:  Look through your coupons and first pull any $.75 coupons.  Then go to the $.50 coupons and see if there are items that you can score free if they are usually priced around $1.50.  That should be a good start.  The great thing with this triple coupon sale is they now take printable coupons so that makes it even better.  There are some $.75 printable over at Coupons.com and Smart Source.
Let me know what deals & match ups you see so I can add them to the list.
(Thanks Jodi & Lyn!) 
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  • Bethany

    Hi Cindy,
    I just called my A&P to find out what they were doing (because they are usually a bit of a pain) and they will take printable coupons but they will not triple them. You might want to check with yours.
    Thanks for all the great deals!

  • Anonymous

    I just called the A&P closest to my house and the woman I spoke with was clueless and rude (what's new?, I swear everytime I call a store in NJ, I get someone with a flip attitude). I asked her if the store would be tripling coupons this week, she replied, "I don't know did you look at your flyer?". Then I asked in the case that they were tripling would they triple internet coupons, she put me on hold for 5 minutes then came back saying they wouldn't triple them "if we are tripling". Ugg. I haven't used coupons at A&P before, do they regularly double, and if they do, do they regularly double internet coupons? Thanks so much


  • Anonymous

    Did some A&P todat with IP's and called before and was told, no frees,nothing over 5.00 and only 4 like. She told me the double and triple as long as it doesn't say not to!!! HTH Eric

  • Cindy Livesey

    So you were able to triple IP coupons? I haven't come across a store that would allow it.

    I'm working on the match ups now but it's looking pretty lame without the IPs. If you want to email me what you have that would be great. Thanks a bunch. cindy@livingrichwithcoupons.com