Christmas At My House – Decorated For Half The Price

Just wanted to share with you a way we cut our spending this year on our Christmas decorations. Every year we would go to the local nursery and pick up a tree (love fraser fir trees) and fully decorated wreath and spend around $100. I know, I know expensive right?!?! Well, I live in NJ don’t forget. Nothing here is cheap….unless you know where to do.

This year we picked up a gorgeous (still fraser fir) tree from Home Depot for only $35 and a wreath from, believe it or not, Pathmark. The wreath was only $10 without all the trimmings. We had those saved from previous wreaths. Throw them on a plain inexpensive wreath and you have a beautiful wreath for your door for only $10.

Now, the Livesey house is ready for Christmas and at half the price as last year. Money saved $55.

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