Daily Checkout: Bargain Site of The Week

Okay guys, it’s that time again. Time to introduce a new bargain site to you. This site is new but I have been sneaking it in during the week since I found it. I was trying to wait till today, but the deals have been so good that I couldn’t hold back.

The bargain site of the week is Daily Checkout.  Like other sites, this one also has one deal they put out each day at rock bottom prices and they sell it till it’s gone or the end of the day, which ever comes first.  The difference with this site and others is that their prices are super, super cheap and the items that they have listed are just great items.  Like yesterday they had that Braun shaver for $39.  Today, they have a Digital Camcorder for Dummies for only $29.99.  Toys R Us & Etoys were both selling it for $69.99.

So checkout Daily Checkout. Their items change over at midnight each night and rest assured that if it’s a great deal, I’ll post it up here. 

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