Over My Budget Shopping Trip

Whew!  That’s all I can say. Between the snow, finalizing Christmas shopping and battling the crowds, I was able to get my grocery shopping in.  Honestly, as I am typing this, I don’t even know what my grand total is, so I will be as surprised as you at the end.  I normally keep a running total but it was such a nutty weekend, I’m lucky I got it all done.  Trust me, it was still controlled as I did use my calculator at each store and I did know how much cash was in my wallet to use.  So it wasn’t as bad as it seemed.  What made me lose track is that I added in the money that I had leftover from the last few weeks. Since I was buying a lot of goodies for baking this week, I knew I would need more then my normal $75.This year we will be giving out, to our coworker, our homemade cookies that we make every year.  Today I also went to the dollar store and picked up some cute plates and wraps for them and purchased hopefully all the ingredients for our baking the next few days.  I promise to share the recipe with you as soon as I have a picture to go along with it.  For now, I will just go over my weekend shopping and lets see what my grand total is….

Before the crazy snowstorm on Saturday morning, I went to ShopRite along with the rest of Livingston.  Yikes was it crowded.  I was hoping to take advantage of the Kellogg’s (buy 10) but they did not have token boxes so that was a bust.  I bought 3 and got a free milk anyway.  Then I headed off to Walgreens to take advantage of the John Freida deal and the Complete.  I also got 2 cases of water but we apparently forget to put it in the picture.  Between the 2 stores I spent $17.47 out of pocket but have $3.00 in catalinas from ShopRite and $8.00 register reward from Walgreens for $82.97 worth of groceries.

Then to Pathmark for a few items and of course hitting the meat aisle for those manager specials.  Not super great but I did get a couple of meats.  Here I spent $26.19 for $67.06 worth of groceries. I’m sorry, but who in their right mind would pay $67 for that.  Yikes!!  I thought the $26 was a lot but I did get 3 packages of meat in there so I feel better.

And then tonight I headed back to ShopRite for a few of reasons.  One, the Nature’s Pride coupon was reset and I wanted to get more bread since it was only $.09 a loaf, also because I needed some deli meat and cheese as will have three kids hanging around the house eating food throughout the day and lastly, because I needed to get the rest of the ingredients for my baking.  Oh yeah, and more free cereal.  Here I spent $45.17 for $80.79 worth of groceries. And, I got $2.00 back in catalinas from the Post cereal.  Not the greatest savings but I bought some things I don’t usually buy and honestly didn’t use a whole lot of coupons.  But, it’s Christmas and as long as I didn’t spend more then I had in my pocket, I’m happy.  Speaking of that, let’s see what my total was…

The grand total is …$88.83.  Not too bad.  Keeping the extra money from the grocery budget from week to week when I am under budget really helps for weeks like this one. I actually thought I spent more then that.  And also remember, I have $8.00 register reward from Walgreens and $5 in catalinas from ShopRite.  All of which I will use next week. Now, I’ve just gotta get baking.

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  • Anonymous

    Hey, I have a question: how do you know when a coupon is reset (e.g. the Nature's Pride bread)?
    Good job on this weeks savings! 🙂

  • Cindy Livesey

    for coupons.com, if the coupon has been reset it will allow you to click it again. if it hasn't, it will say "print limited reached". For bricks coupons it will say, print limited reached, at the end when you are trying to print it.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, that's what I thought. Then the only way to find out is to try and print it, huh. I was hoping there was an easier way to find out. ~grin~ So then do you keep going back to your favorite ones to see if it's reset or not?

  • tamicoleman-dutill

    when does [pathmark discount their meat?i live in nj…the pathmark is a bus ride away but well worth it:)