ShopRite: Do Not Double Coupons & Cellfire Coupons

Those of you that shop at ShopRite have probably noticed that they have new register systems. It seems that some of you are starting to have trouble with the “Do Not Double” manufacturer coupons. Apparently these registers have a nice “Do Not Double” button on them which has caused some managers and cashiers to hit that button at the first sign of a “Do Not Double” coupon.

Last night I made a call to ShopRite customer care and spoke with a very nice young lady. We discussed their double coupon policy and the Do Not Double coupons. She confirmed with me that the information I wrote about in my recent post The Mystery of the Do Not Double Coupon is correct. The doubled part of the coupon is considered a store coupon and they will double it whether or not they get reimbursed by the manufacturer. But, and a big but, it does depend on the store and the policies they choose to put into place. They have the right to change things up and you have the right to shop at a different ShopRite. With that said, you really have to stop by your customer service counter and check with their policies and decide what is important to you. Shopping at that ShopRite and not getting the doubled “Do Not Double” coupons or going to a different ShopRite. I did the General Mills deal today and every coupon was doubled without a blink of an eye. So yes, I am staying put at my ShopRite.

Now on another note. I have been conservative in my posting about Cellfire coupons since ShopRite recently started offering it. I honestly didn’t think it was that great. They were offering you 1 coupon per product per transaction and they were not doubling them. Well, I gave it a run tonight and I am very happy to report that you are able to use them along with your manufacturer coupons. If you are not familiar with Cellfire, they are coupons that are loaded onto your Price Plus card. Once you purchase your item and use your card, the dollar amount is taken off similar to a price plus card. So it’s really a great feature and you will be seeing me using them in match ups more often now.

If you haven’t registered for Cellfire you can do so here.

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  • sjfabian

    My shoprite has been a pain with doubling. They will only double up to four of the same item and only after a purchase of over $10. Also only doubling up to .50 to $1 max. However I have found that if I have a "do not double" q I go thru the self checkout and get the doubled coupon. Problem solved.

  • sjfabian

    Sry. They actually will only do three of an item unless I push the cashier or again go thru self checkout

  • frugal_mom_jenn

    I wish my ShopRite had a self-checkout!

  • Bethany

    My Shoprite has also been a pain with the doubling. I hardly ever do the self checkout but I think I will now.

  • Betty

    Today was the first time my shoprite didn't double my internet coupons! We don't have a self check out either. I have to recalculate all my shopping now!

  • Bex

    I’m a little behind here… I found this older post by Googling “shoprite not doubling coupons,” because it happened to me last night for the first time (after, say, 5 trips where my coupons were doubled). When I got home, I called the store, and when asked whether they double coupons if the coupon states, “DND” the manager said that they will not double. I said… what if it scans and it doubles? And he responded, “then you got lucky.” Ugh, Hoboken ShopRite… I think it will ultimately depend on the cashier but I really don’t like the feeling of dread as I approach the line, thinking will they or won’t they? Self-check out is a good idea, but my SR doesn’t have one, and that may get tedious. I wish all the managers read your blog, Cindy!

  • Sandra

    Anyone know where there is a shoprite near Hoboken with self checkout?