Super Savings Shopping Trip

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Okay, it’s that time of the week again to be accountable for my grocery budget. Honestly, in the mist of the Christmas hustle and bustle, the last thing I wanted to do was some food shopping. But I did, as we do have to eat and the girls will be home from school in 1 short week. This time, I used up almost all my budget money but I did pretty well.

First stop, as always, is ShopRite. I had a $10 catalina and a free milk catalina to use which helped tremendously in keeping my costs down. I also received a $2.00 credit from the ShopRite Family promotion. If you haven’t sign up for it I would highly recommend it. I did it early on when they first started and some how did not get my $2.00. When I was on the phone with customer service regarding the “Do Not Double” issue,I spoke to them about that problem as well and let them know that I did not receive my $2.00. She informed me that they had some issues at first but they are all worked out. And they are. I was happy to see a $2.00 credit on my receipt.

For everything here I spent $13.92 for $66.89 worth of groceries.

This trip was to Costco. As you may remember, I have not been to Costco because my membership ran out. I was back and forth about renewing because I wasn’t sure if the $50 membership fee was worth it. So, I waited to see how I would feel. And, as you can tell, I signed back up. For me, I decided that there are just certain things we like to get there. Some of which never have coupons and some that hardly have coupons. And some, like the craisins are just an awesome price. At Costco they are $7.49 for a 48 oz package. I searched around and the best price I could find was $7.99 for a 24 oz. We usually buy about 1 bag a month so at about 1/2 the price, the craisins alone pay for the membership fee.

Here I spent $49.47.

And lastly, on to Pathmark. Of course, I searched the meat department for manager’s special tags and came up lucky paying only $4.20 for a package of pork chops. Here I spent $10.50 for $62.17 worth of groceries.

So, my total for the week was $73.89 which is the highest I have been in a while. But I did buy some items at Costco that will last for a while. Of course the girls are coming home soon, so maybe not….

Hope you had a great shopping trip. Please leave a comment and let us know how well you did. It inspires others to see that it truly can be done.