Super Savings Shopping Trip

I kept putting off my shopping trip to ShopRite this week because I had a little anxiety over it. Yes, even I get anxiety over using coupons sometimes. I was hearing so many stories from my readers about coupons not doubling for the General Mills deal at ShopRite that I was a bit worried.

So, with that, I was considering not doing this deal. But I said to myself, ya know, this is my hard earned money, I really want these products and I want them for the price I figured out. And, with that I went. And guess what…not a problem what so ever. (Had they not doubled, I was prepared to return the items and explain why I was returning them). So, it worked out perfect and as a matter of fact, I found out that the Cellfire coupons come off your receipt like a price plus even if it’s already on price plus. And you can use a manufacturer coupon with it. How awesome is that.

At ShopRite I spent $20.94 out of pocket and received a $10 catalina and a catalina for a free milk. So really it cost me around $8.44 for all this. But, I’ll use my 2 catalinas next week to reduce the cost then.Then, I headed to Pathmark & CVS. Honestly I just went for the free Barilla and Pepsi. We don’t even drink soda but it was free and I thought I would get it with the holidays coming. And did I mention it was free. Yeap, that’s a good reason too.

Nothing was good in the meat department. By good I mean, managers special so I skipped that. I did get some Tilapia because I’m trying to include more fish. Hey, it’s a start.

So for everything here which includes a couple of items from CVS was only $23.42.

I had a grand total of $44.36 for $99.09 worth of groceries. And I have a $10 & a free milk catalina for next week. Another way under budget week for me. And, when my daughter Nikki comes home for Christmas, I have her favorite cereal. At least it was her favorite cereal when she left for school.

Oh and don’t worry. We are not just having cereal, frosting & soup this week. I have a ton of stuff in my freezer, fridge and pantry to feed us for a year….okay, not a year but I least a couple of months (if we eat very small servings).

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