Swagbucks Holiday Gift Card Blowout For Today is Amazon

This is the one I was waiting for and I snagged mine already. Today’s Swagbuck’s Gift Card Blowout is for Amazon. The card has been reduced to 275 SB for a $25 card (originally 315 SB). Go here to check it out.

Just want to clarify something: Submitting for 5 – $5 Amazon cards will only be 225 swagbucks. However, they only allow 5 per month at that price. So, if you already used up your quota then this is the next best deal.

Not sure what Swagbucks are? Check it out here or go here to learn how I plan on paying for Christmas with Swagbucks.

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  • Lindse94

    Isn't it cheaper to get five $5 ones at 45 points each?

  • Cindy Livesey

    I wrote that info in the post. Yes it is. This is a good deal if you already used up your 5 – $5 for the month. You are only allowed to do 5 per month. If you have more Swagbucks then 225 (5 x 45) and want to get more amazon gift cards then you have to go for the $25 or the $50 cards. With this deal the $25 are at least better. I used up my 5 right away and then I would have to wait until January to do it again. Now, I can get more for a decent amount of swagbucks and in time for Christmas shopping.