Trade In Your Gift Cards For Cash

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Did you get a gift card or two that you just thought, gee how I wish I just had the cash?  Well your wish has come true.
You can trade in your gift cards for cash at Plastic Jungle.  Now, you don’t get the full value of the gift card but at least you get a big chunk of it (up to 85%) and  have cash in your pocket to do whatever you want with it instead of finding something you have to buy at that store you never shop at or that restaurant that is 100 miles away.  Don’t worry, you can see how much you will get for it before you decide to trade it in.  Also, you can exchange your cards to use at where you can purchase just about anything.
And the best feature of all at Plastic Jungle is you can also purchase gift cards at reduced prices.  Let’s say you want to make a purchase at Macy’s that will be around $100.  Purchase a $100 gift card through Plastic Jungle for only $88 and you have already saved yourself $12 before you even used your coupons.  You still have $100 on the card but you only paid $88 for it.
Other cards currently availabe to purchase at a discount:
  • $50 Gap card for $45
  • $15 iTunes card for $13.80
  • $98 JC Penney for $87.22
  • $185 Victoria Secret for $166.50
  • $50 Outback Steakhouse for $45.50
(Thanks Shannon!)