2 Inserts This Weekend & A Red Plum Update

There will be 2  insert in this weekends papers.
1 Smart Source & 1 Proctor & Gamble

This coupon preview shows just SS & PG as the inserts coming out but there is also suppose to be a Red Plum.  Recently Red Plum has been cutting even more newspapers from their list.  Some of you may remember that back in August Red Plum removed the insert from the local NJ Star Ledger.  I, along with a bunch of readers, were not happy.

I was able to find a source through eBay to keep me supplied with my Red Plum inserts however over the last couple of weeks, she, as well as others around the  country, have had their Red Plum inserts removed from their newspapers as well.  According to Red Plum, they will be sending out their inserts via snail mail and it “delivers Red Plum coupons to more folks” according to them on their Twitter post.  Well, let me tell you, I have been receiving it that way for quite a while and it’s a bunch of garbage.  This Friday’s mailing consisted of a Dish Network ad, an article on exercising, an article on decorating, and at for Glamour Shots and an ad for PSE&G.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see a coupon, not a single coupon.

So, I’m starting to see the Red Plum coupons removed from the list as more and more people are disappointed and tired of not being able to find the advertised coupons.  Let us know if you are still receiving your Red Plum insert or if you have become a victim of the disappearing Red Plum inserts as well.

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  • marcia

    I have been wondering what’s going on with Red Plum, esp with the Star-Ledger. The NYT often has it, but at $5 per copy, I just buy the one for reading. I don’t understand how they think we’ll find those coupons otherwise.

  • Silly Sally

    I think that it has become more aware that a lot of people are saving an abundance of money on using coupons so the co. with the products have no other alternative but to steer away from paper coupons and go with computer coupons. 2 per computer. I would not be surprised that SS will soon start losing adver. and leave the paper coupons as well.
    So sad!

  • Veronica

    Here in Texas I haven’t had any problems. We get ours with our Sunday paper. For me its the Austin American Statesman. I wonder if you could order online and have it shipped to you?

  • I still get the Red Plum here we have the Savannah Morning News, but the other local paper the Statesboro Herald does not have the Red Plum.

  • Laurie Owens

    The Courier News (Bridgewater, NJ) still has RedPlum. I pick up extras of those papers are the Dollar Tree for .50 a copy.

  • katie

    When I moved to VA and started buy the paper here they only had the SS insert and the RP was mailed, and I’ve been here almost a year now. Its a bunch of bull. In San Diego before I moved they would mail the RP and it would be in the paper. But this week I got two RP in the mail, one on monday with ‘junk’ the other today with coupons.

  • Michelle D

    I received RP without any problems until this weekend (1/17)..
    I was wondering what happened…well we’ll see next week….