A&P Triple Coupon Match Ups 1/1 – 1/7

This week are triple coupons at A&P.  They will triple coupons that are up to $.99.  I have heard conflicting reports about them taking internet printed coupons so I have added them to the list just in case your store will accept them.  However, just be aware that some of the coupons will say Do Not Double/Triple and your store may or may not allow you to have them tripled.  You will have to check with your own store to see what they will and will not do.
Also note that some of these prices are not from the advertised circular and may vary slight from store to store.
Mazola Cooking Spray $1.99
$.50/1 from the 12/13 Smart Source
Final Price: $.49
Progresso Rich & Hearty, High Fiber or Reduced Sodium Soap $1.25
$.25/1 from the 12/6 Smart Source
Final Price: $.50
French’s Fried Onions $2.99
$.75/1 from the 12/13 Smart Source
Final Price $.74
Campbells Condensed Soup $.85
$.40/2 from the 12/13 Smart Source
Final Price: $.25 each when you buy 2
Pillsbury Quick Bread $1.67
$.40/1 from the 11/8 Red Plum
Final Price: $.47
Kellogg’s Cinnabon $3.19
$.55/1 from the 11/8 Red Plum
Final Price: $1.54
Mentos $.99
$.55/1 from the 10/11 Smart Source
Final Price: FREE
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $2.00
$.25/1 from the 12/13 Smart Source
Final Price: $1.25
Alouette Goat or Feta Crumbled Cheese $2.99
$.50/1 from the 11/8 Smart Source
Final Price: $1.49
Weight Watchers Cream Cheese Whipped $2.49
$.75/1 from the January All You Magazine
Final Price: $.24
Hefty Cups $2.19
$.50/1 from the 11/15 Red Plum
Final Price: $.69
Kleenex $2.19
$.75/1 from the All You Magazine
Final Price: FREE
Dannon Yogurt $.29
$.60/6 from the 1/3 Smart Source
Final Price: FREE
Healthy Choice Microwavable Bowls $2.00
$.75/2 from the 1/ 3 insert
Final Price: $.88 each when you buy 2
Healthy Ones Deli $1.67
$.55/1 from the 1/3 insert
Final Price: $.02
Softsoap $1.00
$.35/1 from the 1/3 insert
Final Price: FREE
McCormick Cinnamon, Parsley, Chili powder $2.49
$.75/1 from the 1/3 insert
Final Price: $.24
Nature’s Pride Bread 20 oz $2.00
Final Price: FREE
Cheerios $2.50
$.55/1 Printable
Final Price: $.85
Betty Crocker Warm Delights $2.49
$.50/1 Printable
Final Price: $.99
Old El Paso Heat & Serve $1.60
$.50/1 Printable
Final Price: $.10
Yoplait Gogurt $1.85
$.40/1 Printable
Final Price: $.65
Yoplait Yogurt cups $.50
$.50/6 Printable
Final price: $.25 each when you buy 6
Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes $1.50
$.40/1 Printable
Final Price: $.30
Morton Season All $1.89
$.60/1 Printable
Final Price: $.09
Diamond Crystal Sea Salt $1.99
$.50/1 Printable
Final Price: $.49
Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt $1.19
$.30/1 Printable
Final price: $.29
No Yolks $1.94
$.75/1 Printable
Final Price: FREE
Marie Callendars $2.49
$.75/1 Printable
Final Price: $.24
Contadina Tomato Paste $.50
$.75/3 Printable
Final Price: FREE
but I’m not sure the price on them at this time. 
(Thanks Eric!)
I’m going to continue to find more match ups so check back.  Did you find any other great match ups for this week?
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  • Anonymous

    Cindy, Marie Callenders are on sale for 2.49. There is a .75 coupon at simpleanddelicious.com/special-offers.coupon-central.jsp for the Pasta adente type making them .24 each. Also the Contadina Tomato paste is 2/1.00 this week and there is a .75 off 3 here at contadina.com/promotions.aspx making it free and possible overage.

    Thanks for your match ups!!!! Eric

  • Anonymous

    Cindy, Don't forget the Little Debbies cupcake coupon for .75 off at http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=qivtczj52656957&bt=wi&o=59098&c=LD&p=JAjULbRW. Makes them cheap. Thanks Eric

  • Cindy Livesey

    Thanks Eric. I'll add them. I was going to post the Little Debbie but I couldn't find a price on the cupcakes. Any ideas on how much they are?
    Thanks again,

  • Eric

    Cindy, The "Lady of the Manor" believes they were 2.99 at Shoprite. She doesn't remember if that was a sales price or not. Sorry!!!

  • Eric

    Cindy, Sorry to tie up the comments section, please feel free to delete my posts.

    The Alouette should be 1.49. What zip code for 6/.60 Dannon coupon. I only see the 10/1.00 for the light and fit.

    Seems like almost all the newer coupons under 1.00 say Do not double. I wonder how that will play out long term. No sense having a double coupon policy!!!!

  • Cindy Livesey

    Don't be sorry. That's what this site is for. Everyone to contribute and add comments.

    The Dannon changed overnight. I know it said $.60/6 because I printed it yesterday while I was posting. I took it off. Thanks for letting me know it wasn't there anymore.

    And thanks for the heads up on the Alouette. I corrected it.

    In regards to the "Do Not Double", they shouldn't be paying attention to that because they have a double policy and it should cancel that out. I did a whole post on what it means. But, with that said, the store managers can make any rules they see fit and I think they get cranky when there are these kind of triple coupon sales and decide they won't allow them to triple. You're right, no sense in having a double policy!!

  • krisjul292

    Cindy, Thankyou so much for the matchups I feel like I robbed A & P. Have a Great 2010!!!

  • mmlapman

    I'm not sure if this will work at all A&Ps. I had three .60 coupons for Liption tea. They had the 16 count box for 1.29. I purchased 4 boxes that totaled $5.16 and I got $5.40 off. Not a huge money maker but every little bit helps. For the first time ever I received a Rewards Certificate at the bottom of my receipt. I'm not sure if this is something new or only for this week. It was a certificate for $2.00 off my purchase of $10.00 of more of produce.

  • mmlapman

    Again, I'm not sure if these are valid in all A&Ps. My A&P is located in Mahopac,NY (Northern Westchester County). There were two extra store coupon savings booklets at the courtesy desk. One is called ‘Renew & Rejuvenate’ it's 2010 and the other is called ‘good deals’. They have store coupons that can be stacked with the manufacturers coupons. There is a 20 cents coupon for one cup of dannon yogurt, and the Kleenex 110ct box is .99 cents.

  • mmlapman

    I found a great deal at the A&P today. Oikos Greek Yogurt 5.3 oz is 5/5 this week. In my 1/3 Smart Source there were 1.00 coupons. I have 5 coupons. Getting free yogurt. Hope it helps me lose weight. 🙂