Beyond The Rack: Bargain Site of The Week – Exclusive Invitation

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I was so busy with my first video this weekend, I realized I never put up my Bargain Site of The Week.  This site comes by the recommendation of my daughter Nikki who emailed it to me last week.

The new site is Beyond the Rack and it’s an exclusive shopping club that offers designer brand name fashion and accessories to its members at prices up to 70% off retail.  Access is by invitation only so through here or through someone else inviting you is the only way to get in.  There is no charge to get in and no obligation to buy anything.  Once you are in you’ll see that they have unbelievable prices on designer items.  The great thing is that not all their items are those crazy high starting retail prices.  They have a lot of designer items that originally start at like $50 – $75 marked down to $15 – $25.  And really nice stuff too.  The good items sell out before the sale is over so you have to be watching.  Check it out here.  If nothing else you’ll get a glimpse at all the beautiful styles and fashions and who know you might snag a cool designer pair of shoes for super cheap.