Buy Discounted Gift Cards To Stack Your Savings At Restaurants & More

So, Valentine’s Day is coming and you might want to splurge and go out to dinner.  Well, you know I just can’t send you out there without a few ways to save.

There are always restaurant coupons that are posted on the site. Like BOGO entrees and $5 off an entree.   As well as restaurants like Outback & Olive Garden that always have coupons in the Sunday inserts.  Plus, you can get a gift certificate for a great price as well.  Well, here is a way to stack your savings.

Places like Plastic Jungle & eBay sell gift cards for less then the actual price of the card.  For instance, right now at Plastic Jungle you can get the following restaurant gift cards.

  • Outback $100 card for $87
  • Morton’s Steakhouse $50 card for $43.50
  • Ruths Chris Steak House $50 card for $43
  • Applebees $50 card for $44.50
  • Chilis $50 card for $44
  • TGI Fridays $50 card for $45
  • Olive Garden $50 card for $45
  • Smokey Bones $50 card for $45
  • and more

These are great to buy if you frequent a particular restaurant.  Also, they carry all sorts of stores like Old Navy, Home Depot, Macy’s, JC Penney, Victoria Secret, Starbucks and so many more.

You can find a great selection of gift cards at either  Plastic Jungle or eBay. Personally, I like the security of buying from a place like Plastic Jungle rather then individual sellers on eBay but that’s just a personal preference.

So the next time you are going out to eat or making a purchase at  Home Depot.  Check out Plastic Jungle or eBay and add to your savings.

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