CVS: Up To 90% Off Holiday + 75% Off Some Cosmetics

If you are heading to CVS today, make sure you check the clearance area.  Whatever is left of the holiday items may be marked down as low as 90% off.  And make sure to bring your any cosmetic coupons you have in your coupon envelope/binder.  You might find even more cosmetics marked down at 75% while they make room for the new products.

Let us know what you find!

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  • anonymous

    I did pretty well on the 90% christmas clearance at CVS. I got a big stack of things, including 2 regular gift bags, 4 wine gift bags, lots of bows and string, 8 ornaments, 2 soft toys (snoopy and teddy bear), 4 small cute ceramic houses (cafe, inn, school, bakery), and several other things I can’t even think of right now. It all came out to about $9, which is fantastic deal for the mountain of things I got. I was happy. I asked the cashier how long she thought the sale would go and she said that she thought it would clear out the same day. It probably did. I did forgot to check out the cosmetics area, though.

  • Heather

    I just went to CVS again today to get more makeup items since I didn’t have all my coupons with me. I was able to get 1 mascar, 1 concealer, 3 lipglosses, 1 lipstick, 5 blushes, and 1 eyeshadow. Total before coupons came to 21.06. With my $4 off of $20 plus my makeup coupons I ended up paying noting out of pocket. Well that is a lie I paid 1.79 because i baught a magazine also. So go hit CVS before they are gone..there is still a good selection.