Day 1 On Our Weight Loss Mission

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This is not my scale although I so wish that it was!

Day 1 is over on our Weight Loss mission and I’m so happy I have company! We can do this!

So, how did we do on day 1?  Well, I didn’t start out the day the right way as I was having trouble getting in the right mindset, which honestly, that’s all it is…a mindset.  By midday, with the help of my daughter, Megan, I was heading in the right direction.  And I’m happy to say I had 1.5 points leftover from my Weight Watchers daily allowed points which is 19.  Here is what I ate:

1 Whole Wheat Bagel (plain) 6 pts
2 cups of coffee with sugar free creamer 2pt

Progresso Vegetable Soup (2 servings) 1.5 pts
Apple 1 pt

Lemony Chicken (will post up recipe) 3 pts
1/2 cup brown rice 3 pt
Romaine Lettuce Salad w/ balsamic vinegar 0 pts

1/4 Cantaloupe 1 pt.

Total: 17.5 points. And during the day I drink Crystal light.  I really have to try to drink more water but I’ll get there. I was starving at around 8:00 and was searching for something to eat.  I had some more crystal light and that satisfied me for about a 1/2 hour.  Then I had the cantaloupe and it helped but I so wanted a bowl of ice cream.  But, I resisted.  So day 1 was a success for me.

The great thing is all of these items cost me hardly anything.  The soups were free or close to it, the brown rice was the Minute Rice  I’ve picked up for around $.25 for a pack of 3. The romaine is $3.99 at Costco for a pack of 5. The cantaloupe was only $.99 at ShopRite. And do you know how many International Delight creamers I have for free.  A lot!

Along for the ride are:
Melissa: Who is ready to get back into it
Devon: Who is on the fence.  Come Devon you can do it 🙂
Betty: Who started her “healthy eating” Saturday
Beth: Who is way ahead of us but ready to keep going
Susan Z: Who has put down the Cheez Doodles 🙂
Michelle: Who is starting on Monday with her weight loss challenge at work.
Stephanie: Who is pumped and planning a 1/2 marathon and has already shared a great recipe which I’ll post.
Nikki: wants to lose before a wedding in April
Jen: Took a break during Christmas and is back on the bandwagon.  Got a personal trainer for Christmas.  OMG, I’m so jealous 🙂

Are you next?  Come on join us!!  I joined Weight Watchers but you don’t have to in order to join in. Every few days I’ll post up my progress, what I ate, how much it cost and I’m hoping you’ll share your healthy eating ideas.  Every Sunday we will post up our weight loss or gain for the week.  No starting weights needed (that’s way too embarrassing).