Did You Know?

I haven’t done a “Did You Know” post in a while so I pulled out some of the ones I had posted a long time ago and threw in a few new ones. Enjoy!

Did You Know – that you can use half the laundry detergent suggested and still get your clothes just as clean. That’s a 50% off saving right there.

Did You Know – that you can stack Target coupons with manufacturer coupons.

Did You Know – that the red price check machine in CVS spits out coupons when you scan your Extra Care Card. You can use them with manufacturer coupons.

Did You Know – that furniture polish like Pledge cleans your stainless steel with no streaks and is a whole lot cheaper then those stainless steel cleaners.

Did You Know – that if you have trouble printing coupons you can change a couple of letters in the web address and your coupon will print. For instance:


The letters in red are what need to be changed as follows:
For Internet Explorer change to wi or vg
For Firefox change to wg or vg
For Safari change to xs

My personal favorite and I’m dying to see how many people didn’t know this fact:

Did You Know – that there are tabs at the ends of the foil and plastic wrap boxes that you can press in to keep the roll from pulling out. I was amazed that I had never known this before. I thought, am I living under a rock or what. So I started asking around and was surprised at how many people did not know this as well.

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